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Endometriosis 101: What is Endometriosis?

Part One: What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis occurs when cells from the endometrial lining of your uterus are found in places they do not naturally occur and this causes inflammation. Oftentimes endometriosis growths attach to organs outside of the uterus such as the ovaries, colon, or appendix. Treating endometriosis involves the removal of growths and the prevention of new ones. 

Endometriosis is an often painful disorder that affects about 10% of menstruators during their reproductive years, which is approximately 15-49 years of age. It’s primarily found in the pelvic regions such as, “the ovaries, in the recto-vaginal septum, on the bladder, and bowel,”  however, endometrial tissue can spread outside the pelvic region (Endometriosis.org). The displaced, endometrial-like tissue continues to try to act like what it would inside the uterus, “it thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle and because this tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped (Mayo Clinic).” This trapped tissue can cause varying degrees of pain, endometriotic cysts, and infertility. 

Endometriosis also causes scarring and irritation which can create permanent scar-tissue and adhesions which are, “abnormal bands of fibrous tissue that can cause pelvic tissues and organs to stick to each other (Mayo Clinic).” Patients with this disorder often experience a variety of physical symptoms including; painful periods, painful intercourse, pain with urination or bowel movements, excessive bleeding while menstruating, infertility, as well as, other less severe symptoms. The amount of pain a patient is experiencing isn’t necessarily an indicator of the extent of the condition, one could have severe endometriosis with mild pain or vice versa (Mayo Clinic). 

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, we encourage you to make an appointment with our office to discuss your situation and options. We can be reached at 530-345-0064, extension 281 and our office is located at 1058 Mangrove Ave #2, Chico, CA 95926.


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