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Endometriosis Symptoms Can Mimic Other Conditions

woman-endometriosis-symptoms-feeling-unwellPainful periods, heavy bleeding, pain with intercourse, irregular periods, and fertility issues are the most common Endometriosis symptoms.  However, Endometriosis symptoms present differently in different women and can mimic other diseases or conditions.  These symptoms can easily stump your doctor or cause you to be shuffled from specialist to specialist trying to find a cause for your seemingly unrelated issues.

Lower back pain that shows up during ovulation or menstruation is thought to be associated with endometrial implants located in specific areas of the pelvis.  Pain that stems from the pelvic area and radiates into your backside and down to your thighs is not normal but is common to many of my patients.  I’ve even seen patients who had classic symptoms of sciatica but doctors could not find anything wrong– after endometriosis surgery the pain was resolved.

Gastro-intestinal symptoms can be caused by endometrial implants.  Symptoms include painful bowel movements, sharp gas pains, constipation or diarrhea for no apparent reason, nausea or vomiting, rectal pain, tailbone pain, random bouts of bloating and gas, and feelings of indigestion or problems digesting certain foods.  Many doctors might point to irritable bowel syndrome or food sensitivites, but the presence of Endometriosis can cause all of these sypmtoms.  Fatigue,  random bouts of aches and pains, and generally feeling unwell are also more common in women with Endomtriosis and can be hard for doctors to pinpoint.

Because endometriosis symptoms show up all over the body, it can be difficult for doctors to point to Endometriosis as the culprit.  If you are having a wide variety of symptoms or notice things get worse during ovulation or menstruation, it’s important that you see an Endometriosis specialist  as soon as possible.


Source:  Endometriosis Resolved. http://www.endo-resolved.com/symptoms.html

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