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Don’t Hesitate to Schedule Your Regular Health Exams

Female doctor with patientWhen you come in for regular exams, we are looking for anything abnormal based on your personal history. If we don’t find anything, you get to walk out of our office as happy and healthy as when you walked in. If there is a health concern, though, we want to address it. 

Regular health exams allow us to check for cancer, abnormalities, infections, and inflammation. Without regular checkups, these issues could grow out of control. Getting your regular screenings will help prevent or beat these issues before they even begin.

We recommend that you regularly visit us for the following screenings:

  1. Pap test
    During your Pap test, we will collect cells from your cervix and examine them under a microscope to check for cervical cancer. We recommend that all healthy women between 21 and 65 get a Pap test every three years. If you are at risk, your doctor may determine a different rate for you to get regular Pap tests. 
  2. Clinical breast exam or mammogram
    In a clinical breast exam, we will check your breasts for cancer based on any lumps or moles we can see or feel. A mammogram, on the other hand, is when we take an X-Ray image of your breasts. We recommend yearly mammograms once women turn 45 years old or if there is a high risk in the patient, such as family history. Nobody knows your body like you do, so we also encourage you to regularly self-check at home as well.
  3. Pelvic exam
    Pelvic exams are specific to the years before, during, and after menopause. During a pelvic exam, we will check on your internal female organs to ensure they are the correct shape and size. If there are any irregularities, we will be able to assess and determine treatment options.
  4. STD or STI testing
    If you are sexually active and have not been tested with your current partner, we recommend STD and STI screenings. Even if an STD or STI isn’t currently causing you discomfort, it could flare up years after contracting it. Without knowledge of a condition, we have no way of treating it. With proper treatment, you could get rid of your STI or manage your STD without an extreme reaction. 

Regular screenings and exams could save you from discomfort and even save your life. Getting regular screenings prevents a wide array of symptoms, and could catch cancers before they spread. 

We know these health exams can be uncomfortable but we hope to provide you with the most pleasant gynecological visit possible. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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