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The Importance of a Doctor-Patient Relationship

In our last blog we talked about Direct-to-Consumer Marketing.  This is when pharmaceutical companies advertise directly to the consumer through various media outlets.  You might be wondering what does drug advertising to consumers have to do with OBG/YN services in Chico, CA?

In my medical practice, we set up, support, and maintain a quality doctor-patient relationship.  Whereas most doctors quickly move from patient to patient spendoctor-patient-relationship-friendly-nurseding just a few minutes with each one, we really get to know you.  We want to treat you as a whole while taking into consideration all things that affect your reproductive health.  When it comes to diagnosis and treatment options, you will be an informed patient.  We will explain all of your treatment options and make our recommendation for the best path based on you, specifically.  We do not expect you to self-diagnose, nor do we ask that you stay up to date with all the latest treatment methods and available drugs.  We ask that you put your trust and faith into our team knowing that we take care of that for you.

By engaging in an open, honest doctor-patient relationship with me and my staff, you can trust we will filter through the list of treatment methods/medicines available and will present you with the best choices for YOU.  In return, we will trust that you will be honest about your symptoms, experiences, and side-effects.

It all boils down to doctor-patient relationships.  DTC Marketing, although it could be argued that it involves patients in their own health, upsets the patient-doctor relationship that we highly value.  We believe the conversation should start with YOU and turn to medicine if necessary, not the other way around.  If the drug doesn’t make sense for you, we don’t recommend it.

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