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Cost of MonaLisa Touch Treatments & Quality of Life

romantic-couple-in-cafeToday I’d like to do something most doctors will not do, and that’s to talk about the cost of MonaLisa Touch treatments.  We’ve been offering MonaLisa Touch treatments to our patients and are having great success; however, some patients are put off by the price.  Insurance will not cover it because it’s considered non-essential, cosmetic, or any number of other excuses.  But what’s your quality of life worth?  Let’s look at your current treatment and see how fast the cost adds up.

Estrogen prices have gone through the roof.  Many insurance plans are now categorizing estrogen creams, gels, and sprays in their top tier for pharmaceuticals.   Without insurance you can expect to pay $100-$135 for one box/tube, and even with insurance you could still end up paying $40-$80 a month for your estrogen.  Purchasing from Canada or another company may save money, but with demand being so high we’re seeing stock outages for the first time.  With MonaLisa Touch treatments, you may be able to reduce the amount of estrogen you’re using, making each prescription last much longer.  I have patients who spend $500+ a year on Estrogen alone– imagine if that was cut in half!

IC sufferers have noticed significant improvement in symptoms by completing MonaLisa Touch treatments.  Think about how much money is spent on Elmiron, medication for overactive bladder, bladder instillation, tibial nerve therapy, acupuncture, Prelief, special dietary foods, pelvic floor Pilates… and toilet paper!!  Imagine if the need for all those things went away (well, except toilet paper)…. how much money you’d be saving!

It seems like a lot of money to spend at the doctor’s office, but what is your quality of life worth?  If it was your son, daughter, husband, or parent, would you spend the money to relieve their symptoms and enhance their quality of life?  What is feeling good worth to you?




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