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Are you Considering a Hysterectomy?

couple-next-to-cradle-embraceOne of the most common surgeries performed in our country, a hysterectomy is the removal of female reproductive organs.  Whether you have recurring Endometriosis, uncontrollable heavy bleeding, or extreme pain, hysterectomy is an option– but it is a decision that requires a lot of thought and should not be made hastily.

Hysterectomy can greatly improve your quality of life, but there are things you need to consider beforehand.  Women who have their ovaries removed will experience immediate surgical menopause (ovaries left behind tend to shut down prematurely).  Women will need to create (and stick with) a lifelong plan to balance hormones and will need to show their bodies extra care.  As women heal from this surgery and life goes back to normal, many women will go through a sense of grieving– on one hand you are happy to get rid of the source of so much pain, but on the other hand, you have these other issues to deal with.  If you have no children or were hoping to have more, there might be a lot of sadness, anger, or grief around this.

Although having a hysterectomy can increase quality of life, it requires a lot of thought.  As a doctor and surgeon I let my patients decide if, and when, they’re ready for this surgery.  We talk about pros and cons in my office, and we will discuss all available treatments (including no treatment).  I will tell you what my recommendation is, but you are ultimately the decision maker.  Your husband or partner is welcome to come to this office visit.

If you are considering a hysterectomy it’s important to feel heard, supported, and have your questions honestly answered.  Call my office and schedule a consultation.  I will listen.

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