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Changes to Our Practice

Starting January 1st, 2015, there will be some big changes happening to my practice! Because of current Health Care conditions, I am forced to spend less time with each patient; I will not allow these conditions to continue affecting your quality of care, and I will be making changes to protect my availability to you. Although change can be scary, I feel this is the best way to continue providing excellent care to my patients.

The first change is that I will no longer be a participating physician with ANY insurance company; I will be an “out of network”provider for insurance purposes. My staff will bill your insurance as a courtesy. I will also be opting out of Medicare. Instead of participating with insurance companies and Medicare, I will be offering two options.

Option 1: Membership-Based Direct Primary Care

For $110/month, you would be paying for a membership-based “Direct Primary Care” Practice. One of the best features of this membership is unlimited office visits. Yes, unlimited. You would receive personalized care that optimizes wellness or wellness planning, office visits that emphasize early disease detection, and office visits for preventive care. Counseling for personalized care plans would be provided, as well as extended office visits for complicated issues, setting up treatment plans, managing symptoms, and searching for the source of the problem. When you call to make appointments you would receive expedited booking, sometimes even same-day appointments. Additionally, I would offer well woman exams/pap smears and general check-ups, acting as your Primary Care Physician.

This would be incredibly valuable to patients who are receiving treatment for Interstitial Cystitis, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Endometriosis management, or who have complicated/severe cases requiring multiple appointments and extensive management of symptoms.

Option 2: Fee for Service

With this option, you would continue to make appointments, just like usual. During your appointment you would receive the same personalized care you are used to; you will receive a thorough evaluation, counseling, and we will set up a treatment plan. The price of your appointment would be based on time spent in my office and services provided. Here is an example of a few services: A simple 15 minute appointment would cost $40 – $55, an Intermediate 30 minute appointment would cost $85 – $110, and a service like a Vaginal Ultrasound would be priced at $205.25 (prices are an estimation). You would be required to pay the fee at the time of the appointment. If you have insurance and wish to bill them for my services, we would bill your insurance as a courtesy; your insurance will apply my services to your out-of-network section. Any disputes or follow-up insurance needs will be your responsibility.

How Do I Sign up for the Option 1: Membership Based Direct Primary Care Plan?

Contact our office to get your registration/enrollment packet and complete all the necessary documents. Return the completed documents with a $35 registration fee. I will decide if this plan will be a good fit for you. My staff will contact you letting you know whether or not you were accepted. If you are accepted, you will need to secure your membership by sending in the required membership payment. If you are not accepted, your $35 registration fee will be returned to you, and you can still continue making appointments as usual under Option 2.

I understand change is always difficult. I appreciate your allowing my office staff and me the privilege of sharing in your health care.


Gregory L. Davis, MD

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