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You’re Not Alone– Celebrities with Endometriosis

celebrity-talking-red-carpetIf you ever feel like you’re the only one struggling with Endometriosis, read on.  These celebrities with Endometriosis have come forward to share their experiences.

Daisy Ridley:  Daisy, star of “Star Wars:  The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars:  The Last Jedi” says she has struggled with Endometriosis since she was 15– she had a laparoscopic surgery, but the pain eventually came back.  She also struggled with severe acne for many years before becoming diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  She has changed her diet and practices self-care to keep her symptoms in check.

Jillian Michaels:  You’d never think this super healthy personal trainer, author, and actor would struggle with any disease, but Jillian says she found out about her Endometriosis at 28 and knew her chances of becoming pregnant would be lowered.  She has found motherhood by adopting one child and having her partner carry the other.

Dolly Parton:  In 1982 Dolly was rushed to the hospital for a partial hysterectomy and subsequently was unable to have children.

Julianne Hough:  This dancer and actor was in the middle of filming a reality contest show when a cyst ruptured on her ovary.  She was rushed to the hospital for laparoscopic surgery.  She said the pain had been there for about five years, but she never felt like she had time to get it checked out.

Susan Sarandon:  This actor suffered from irregular bleeding for many years before a diagnosis of Endometriosis came in 1983.  Although she was told she couldn’t have children, she had three.  She encourages men to step up and help where they can by providing support, understanding, and empathy.



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