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Menstrual Blood– Take a Look and Keep Track of Changes

Have you ever looked in the toilet after voiding to see the color of your urine?  Or looked at your stool to see its shape and color?  It might sound kind of gross or bizarre, but looking at what comes

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Pelvic Ultrasound Before Inserting IUD to Prevent Complications

There are many reasons to get the Mirena IUD.  Some ladies are tired of taking oral contraceptives.  Some ladies want reliable birth control that can stay in place for up to five years.  Others might be trying to help gynecological

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Endometriosis Symptoms Can Mimic Other Conditions

Painful periods, heavy bleeding, pain with intercourse, irregular periods, and fertility issues are the most common Endometriosis symptoms.  However, Endometriosis symptoms present differently in different women and can mimic other diseases or conditions. Read More…

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Heavy Bleeding; Causes and Treatments

Heavy menstrual bleeding is commonly caused by the lining of the uterus becoming too thin or too thick.  Estrogen and Progesterone are the two hormones responsible for maintaining the appropriate thickness of your uterine lining.  When there’s a hormonal Read More…

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Lesser Known Symptoms of Gynecological Issues

Many of our patients have classic symptoms of gynecological issues (like pelvic pain for Endometriosis) and immediately know they need to see a gynecologist.  But what happens when you have a bunch of seemingly unconnected symptoms and you’re not sure Read

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Our Services: The Gynecological Issues We Treat

At the Center for Excellence in Women’s Healthcare we treat a wide variety of women with a variety of gynecological issues.  Our patients range in age from young teenagers to the very elderly.  Despite age, each patient struggles with a variety of Read

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Heavy Bleeding, Hysteroscopy, and Endometrial Ablation

Women who experience severe uterine bleeding have a really rough time.  Their bleeding can be so heavy that it interferes with quality of life.  Usually when we tackle gynecological issues like severe uterine bleeding we, as doctors, try the simplest

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Signs You Have Abnormal Periods

Our practice helps a lot of women who struggle with abnormal periods.  Sometimes these women have menstrual flows that last a week or more, sometimes the pain is so unbearable they miss school or work.  And whether they have hormone

Posted in Heavy Bleeding, Periods/Menstruation, Symptoms, Teens / Kids / Young Adults

Endometriosis Featured on Segment on TV Show, “The View”

The Endometriosis Association of America’s co-founder, Padma Lakshmi, talked openly about her struggle with endometriosis during the February 20, 2015 episode of “The View.” Lakshmi, who was guest co-host, suffered for many years from bloating, excessive Read More…

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What is Uterine Ablation? How Successful is it in Treating Heavy Bleeding?

Ablation is defined as “the surgical removal of body tissue.” There are two major types of common ablation procedures. The first is cardiac ablation, which is used to treat heart arrhythmia and abnormal heart rhythms. The second is uterine ablation,

Posted in Diseases and Conditions, Fibroids, Heavy Bleeding, Hysterectomy, Infertility, Treatments

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