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Buy Your Prescriptions Through Canadian Pharmacy

woman-shopping-online-computerHealthcare in America is an ongoing battle.  Insurance seems to be getting more and more expensive, deductibles are going up, and prices for medications continue to increase.  Sometimes doctors can substitute generic versions of medications in order to make them more cost-efficient for their patients, but sometimes the name-brand medications are the best choice…. and they can come with a hefty price tag.  Estrogen, for example, can be quite expensive, and many times insurance will not cover enough to get you through the month.  This leaves you paying two co-pays most months in order to get the amount you need.  Our solution:  stop fighting your insurance and buy your medication from Canada.

I recommend Canadian pharmacies to almost all my patients, especially those who need estrogen. Northwest Pharmacy is my go-to recommendation because you don’t have to come back every month; you can buy however much estrogen you need at all once.  I have many patients who buy 6 months or an entire year’s worth of estrogen all at one time and they pay significantly less than they would if they bought it in America using their insurance!  To use this website you need your prescription and your checkbook.  Just remember that since the medication must pass through customs it can take a month or more to receive your order (longer if it’s during the holidays).  Plan accordingly!

To search through a list of available medications and prices, visit www.northwestpharmacy.com.  In the event your medication is on back-order or out of stock, you can still use your local pharmacy and insurance once in a while as a back-up.  I have had many, many patients use this pharmacy with great success and savings.  We hope you will, too!

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