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Who Benefits from MonaLisa Touch Treatment?

woman-romantic-boyfriend-happyThe last few blogs have been spent talking about our newest service for women, MonaLisa Touch Chico, that increases blood flow, improves elasticity, and stimulates the vagina to heal itself, decreasing a variety of vaginal discomforts.  Let’s spend today talking about who benefits from this new treatment.

Women of all ages benefit from our new service.  Ladies who are in menopause or suffer from vaginal symptoms of low estrogen (vaginal dryness, painful sex, lichen sclerosus, urinary incontinence, etc) will benefit.  Women who have had a hysterectomy or ovary removal are also great candidates for MonaLisa Touch treatments.  MonaLisa Touch has also shown to be beneficial to those with the bladder condition, Interstitial Cystitis, by strengthening muscles that support and control urination.  But one of the greatest recipients of this treatment will be women who can’t take estrogen:  those who have had breast cancer, have a history of breast cancer in their family, or women who cannot take hormones for another medical reason.  Because MonaLisa Touch only heals the vagina (it does not deliver estrogen to the body, nor does it increase systemic estrogen levels) ladies who have had breast cancer or cannot take estrogen will benefit from our treatment.  Imagine the difference we can make!

Another person who benefits from MonaLisa Touch treatments is a woman’s husband, boyfriend, or partner.  The most common vaginal discomforts we see are vaginal dryness and painful sex, both of which can lead to a lack of desire, intimacy, or avoidance of sex all together.  A lack of intimacy can lead to many relationship issues and can put a strain on marriage.  We have many husbands and partners who call in thanking us because when the vaginal tone, tightness, and lubrication return, sex can be enjoyable again!

MonaLisa Touch Chico can be reached at www.monalisatouchchico.com or by calling 530-270-9627.

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