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Anxiety, “Flight-or-Fight,” and Hormones

It is absolutely normal to become anxious or fearful from time to time.  You might be walking through a dark parking lot, be experiencing turbulence on an airplane, or be standing up to give a speech when you feel it hit.  Clammy hands, sweating, elevated heart rate, feeling short of breath– these are all natural responses we, as humans, feel when our bodies are nervous, anticipate threat, or are gearing up for a “fight-or-flight” situation.  Our ability to survive depends on our hormones and neurotransmitters working together to get us through a scary situation.

anxiety-disorderUnfortunately, many women feel the effects of anxiety when there is no threat.  They could be watching TV, going for a walk, or be sitting down to dinner when all of the sudden they feel their body gearing up for a “flight-or-fight” situation.  And it could happen just once in a while or be more chronic, happening multiple times a day, interfering and disrupting a normal lifestyle.

We have seen many ladies who suffer from this everyday anxiety, and many of them have been helped tremendously by balancing their hormones.  By examining levels of neurotransmitters and estrogen (oftentimes we can do this through specific questions) we can see if you aren’t getting enough of what your body needs.  Both serotonin (a neurotransmitter) and estrogen work together to help you feel calm.  By helping restore a necessary hormonal balance to your body, we are helping make sure your anxiety only pops up when there’s an actual need.

If you suffer from anxiety, especially if you have gynecological or hormonal issues, please talk to us.  Sometimes all it takes is a little boost to get things feeling right.

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