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Antihistamines Can Help Painful Bladder Symptoms!

urinary_bladder_infectionIt seems like every spring drug stores are loaded up with antihistamines for grass, pollen, and dander allergies. But did you know that many of those same antihistamines that are used to treat seasonal allergies can help with your painful bladder?

Throughout your body you have mast cells which release histamines. Histamines irritate your bladder and can lead to urinary frequency, night time voiding, and overall bladder inflammation and pain. Antihistamines help block the release of histamines and can help relieve annoying or painful bladder symptoms.

There are many different types of antihistamines. Some are over the counter, some are more expensive than others, and some are prescription only. If taken daily, some people find antihistamines to be very effective against bladder symptoms. Many people try a daily antihistamine before moving to something more aggressive, like Elmiron therapy or bladder instillations.

If you suffer from painful or annoying bladder symptoms and would like to try an antihistamine, we can help you select the right one. Please let us know if you also suffer from other allergies or asthma, as this may affect what we suggest.

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