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Annual Appointment– Have you Made Yours?

woman-on-phone-appointmentHave you made your annual appointment yet?  As we pass Memorial Day and enter June there’s so much going on– the end of the school year for the kids, high school and college graduations, planning summer vacations– and there’s an overall sense of needing to finish up one thing and move on to the next.  Even though it can be a very demanding time, you still need to take care of you.  Have you had your annual appointment yet?  If you have, wonderful, but if you haven’t, it’s time to get it on the calendar before it slips your mind for the entire summer.

Your women’s annual appointment (also known as a well-woman exam) is not just about the pap smear and physical exam (although those are important).  This time is also used to talk about starting or stopping birth control, any changes to your menstrual cycle, any symptoms of menopause or hormone imbalance, bladder issues, overall mood and energy levels, assessing personal risk of health issues, or even getting your cholesterol or vitamin d levels checked (we will give you a lab slip).  We want to get a sense of how you are doing overall as a woman, consider your health history, and provide you with a time to talk about your mental and physical health.

Women who forego their annual appointment are not taking advantage of this valuable time.  We don’t just check off a few boxes and shuffle you out of the room– we spend valuable time with you making sure your needs are met.  We want to look at your body as a whole, not just focus on one part!

If you haven’t made your annual appointment, now is the time to do it!

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