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Abnormal Symptoms Can Mean a Bigger Problem

Many years ago I saw a patient (we’ll refer to her as ‘Patient A’) that had come to me for a second opinion on some symptoms that she was experiencing. She had been experiencing abdominal pain and had lost a significant amount of weight due to lack of appetite and not being able to hold much food down. The first doctor to see her told her she needed to have her appendix out so she came to me for a second opinion. Upon reviewing her symptoms on a deeper level, I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t a case of appendicitis, she had endometriosis (which was later confirmed during laparoscopic surgery).

Patient A’s sibling (we’ll refer to her as ‘Patient B’) had been experiencing unusual symptoms for several years at this point: chronic bladder and yeast infections in addition to extremely painful periods. Patient B had been to urologists and gynecologists that kept treating the infections but not the greater problem. After learning about Patient A’s new diagnosis, Patient B decided to see me to review her symptoms as well. It was concluded and confirmed that she too had endometriosis.

So you can see why it is important to discuss unusual symptoms with your doctor; diseases such as endometriosis do not always make themselves known in the same way. Here we have two sisters with the same genetic makeup experiencing very different symptoms due to the same source.


The patient cases expressed in the text above have been approved for use by the patients themselves. These examples are meant to portray the varying symptoms that you can experience when there is a greater problem at hand. This post is meant as a resource only and is not meant to diagnose your symptoms. If you are having abnormal symptoms, please call our office at 530-332-9703 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Davis.

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