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Determining Abnormal Symptoms; Gynecology

woman-feeling-poorly-symptomsMost doctors will tell you that if you experience abnormal symptoms  to let them know.  But what if you’ve gone your whole life with abnormal symptoms and you never knew they were abnormal because they were always normal for you?  For example, if your first period was excruciating and all your periods to date have just been awful, how are you supposed to know that’s abnormal?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you have abnormal symptoms:

  1. Do you miss school/work/activities because of your symptoms?
  2. Are you always hunting for a restroom?
  3. Does your menstrual cycle leave you feeling anxious/depressed/or worried?
  4. Do you need something stronger than over-the-counter pain medication for your period?
  5. Do you have problems with your weight despite good nutrition/healthy lifestyle?
  6. Are you developing unwanted body hair, acne, or have skin problems?
  7. Do you notice “coincidental” coupling of things:  like diarrhea with your period?
  8. Do you feel like your symptoms rule your life?
  9. Do you feel like nobody else seems to be going through what you’re going through?
  10. Is your menstrual cycle wildly unpredictable?
  11. Is feeling bad pretty much normal for you?
  12. Do you feel like your period controls your schedule?
  13. Have other doctors been unable to help you?


You deserve to be able to live a full life.  Your gynecological health is just one component of your physical body; abnormal symptoms should not be controlling your life or dictating how you are able to live.  If you feel like you need some help, please reach out.  We’re here for you.


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