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Interstitial Cystitis: Staying Hydrated Throughout Fall

 woman-at-office-drinking-glass-waterYour bladder has been great all summer.  You’ve been staying hydrated, limiting your sodas and artificially sweetened beverages, and you were always feeling thirsty so it was easy to drink water.  Now that fall is here you notice your bladder is beginning to show signs of frequency and urgency.  It’s not a UTI and it’s not a bladder infection, but it feels like you have to go and you just went a few minutes ago.  But you have a glass of water, skip the coffee, and you begin to feel better.  Have you noticed that this happens every year around this time?

As we move through fall and the weather begins to cool down, we oftentimes forget to drink enough water.  It’s easy to remember when it’s 90 or 100 degrees outside, but when you’re body is nice and cool it can be all too easy to skip the cold glass of water and opt for a pumpkin latte or warm cup of coffee.  You may be unintentionally dehydrating your body and increasing your chances of a IC Flare Up.

It’s important that women with Interstitial Cystitis or other bladder issues keep their bodies hydrated.  When urine becomes too concentrated, it feels overly acidic and will feel like the beginning of a bladder infection.  The easiest way to combat this is to drink water and reduce acidic foods and beverages until the symptoms clear up.  If necessary, call us to discuss treatment.

As we continue into fall and cooler weather, challenge yourself to drink a cup of water in the morning before you start your day.  Fill up a bottle and carry it with you to work (if it’s nearby, you’re more likely to drink it).  If necessary, set a timer for hydration stops throughout the day.  You’ll feel better, and your bladder will thank you.

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