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What to Expect During MonaLisa Touch Treatment

happy-couple-enjoying-life-beachWhen you make an appointment with MonaLisa Touch Chico to treat your various vaginal discomforts, you will first receive a consultation and then an examination.  During the consultation we will talk about the procedure, what to expect, your medical history, and make sure the treatment is right for you.  The examination is necessary to make sure there are no unseen issues that require other treatment.

MonaLisa Touch treatment will look and feel most similar to a pelvic ultrasound.  You will be positioned on your back with your feet in stirrups, and we will use a handheld probe that is connected to a larger machine.  The probe will be inserted into your vagina where treatment will start at the far end and slowly move toward the outside of your body.  The CO2 laser sends energy into the shallow layers of the vaginal wall during the first treatment and usually takes about five to six minutes.  Ladies say the procedure is not painful or uncomfortable, and that it feels warm and tingly.  (In addition, we now have a smaller sized probe for added comfort.)  After the procedure your vagina will be a little sensitive and you might notice some redness or slight swelling.  This will resolve quickly, but you will need to avoid intercourse for a few days.

We will schedule your second visit approximately six weeks later, and the third treatment six weeks after that.  During additional treatments the procedure is the same, but the laser will be able to treat deeper layers of the vaginal wall without pain.  After the third treatment, additional treatments are considered “touch ups” and will need to be scheduled about once a year.

We have so much more to talk about, please check back next week.  To schedule consultation, visit the MonaLisa Touch Chico website.

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