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Estrogen Therapy After Menopause Helps Reduce Stress

woman-middle-aged-glasses-smilingLast year, estrogen therapy was the focus of a study that wanted to look at the effects of stress on cortisol and memory during post-menopausal years.  Researchers wanted to understand what role estrogen therapy plays in reducing women’s stress levels and whether the timing of therapy in relation to onset of menopause made a difference.

Four groups of women were examined:

  • 1)  Women receiving oral estrogen within six years of menopause (early)
  • 2)  Women receiving oral estrogen within ten years of menopause (late)
  • 3)  Women receiving a placebo within six years of menopause (early)
  • 4)  Women receiving a placebo within ten years of menopause (late)


Previous study on this topic, according to the article, discovered that short-term estrogen therapy helped with stress.  The findings of this study went beyond previous study and showed that long-term estrogen therapy helped women with stress.  In addition, women in the oral estrogen groups had better working memory than those given the placebo.  Even better, it didn’t matter whether the women started their estrogen soon after menopause or later after menopause; all the women who were in the groups containing the estrogen reaped the benefits.

Other studies we have featured in our blogs over the years have recommended that the sooner you start your estrogen after menopause the better.  If you wait too long you could miss out on other benefits that are more time-sensitive.  However, it seems like starting your estrogen “late” is better than skipping it all together; some relief of symptoms and protection from some health issues is better than not receiving any at all.


Source:  Alexandra Ycaza Herrera; Howard N. Hodis; Wendy J. Mack; Mara Mather.  Estradiol Therapy After Menopause Mitigates Effects of Stress on Cortisol and Working Memory.  J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2017;102(12):4457-4466. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/892226_2 

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