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Can an “Endometriosis Diet” Relieve Symptoms and Prevent Surgery?

young-woman-healthy-cookingIf you have, or suspect you have, Endometriosis, the thought of what to do can be a little overwhelming.  The idea of medicines, pelvic ultrasounds, doctor visits, surgeries– it can leave you feeling pretty apprehensive.  So maybe you turn to the internet and start doing a little research… and you come across natural ways to resolve Endometriosis symptoms.  You might even see claims that natural approaches can cure this disease or reverse the symptoms.

One of the most popular natural plans out there is an “endometriosis diet.”  These types of diets recommend foods that you should be eating and foods to avoid in order to manage symptoms and prevent the disease from getting worse.  Recommended foods to avoid include caffeine, soy, just about anything processed, refined sugars, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates.  Foods that are recommended typically include dark leafy greens, anti-oxidant rich berries and veggies, salmon, turmeric, ginger, chia seeds, and coconut oil (among many others).  In addition, you may read that taking certain supplements will help with symptoms.  The goal of these endometriosis diets is to reduce inflammation in the body and help balance estrogen levels.

The bad news is that changing your diet cannot remove endo implants.  Once the tissue finds a new home outside your uterus it needs to come out surgically.  The good news is that increasing your consumption of nutrient-dense foods and eliminating processed garbage food is always a good idea.  Healthier foods will nourish and fuel your body, boost your immune system, and make your body stronger.  You might find your pain goes down, you might feel like inflammation has decreased, and you may feel better day-to-day.  However, an endometriosis diet is not a cure, and eventually you will need to see a specialist to remove implants and repair what has been damaged.

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