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Yoga May Help Female Sexual Dysfunction

ladies-stretching-yoga-classWhen we think of the term “sexual dysfunction,” we usually think of male dysfunction.  But sexual dysfunction in women is just as common and just as important, yet it receives such little attention.  Women who experience sexual dysfunction may struggle with libido, sexual desire, arousal difficulties, orgasm difficulties, or pain with intercourse.  On an emotional level these difficulties may lead to problems within the marriage or relationship and poor self-esteem or self-worth.  Practicing yoga, in addition to being overall great for your body, may help women with sexual dysfunction.

The North American Menopause Society has listed yoga to be beneficial for women struggling with many types of sexual dysfunction (1).  Harvard University wrote a small article in 2010 (based off a small study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine) that linked regular yoga practice with increased libido, increased vaginal lubrication, desire, arousal, satisfaction, and also reduced pain with intercourse (2).

The women studied also experienced other positive effects of yoga which, I’m sure, positively affected their intimacy.  Yoga has also been known to improve strength in core pelvic floor muscles and also improve flexibility.  Also, women may notice they develop a more toned body and may find practicing yoga helps shed unwanted pounds.  All of these things combined may help women feel better about their bodies, which, in turn, will improve intimacy and desire.

The study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine had ladies practice specific yoga postures for one hour per day for twelve weeks, but even if you only practice once or twice a week, you may experience considerable gains.  If you have any physical limitations, be sure to talk with your yoga instructor beforehand.



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(2) Harvard Women’s Health Watch.  “Yoga and Female Sexual Function.”  https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/yoga-and-female-sexual-function.  April, 2010.

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