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What is a Second Generation Birth Control Pill?

Oral birth control pills are categorized into different generations based on when they were developed.  Just like the generations within a family, the different generations of birth control pills have developed over the years with the first generation Read More…

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Medication Storage/Delivery During Hot Summer Months

As we enter the warmest months of the year, it’s time to consider your medication storage and what temperatures they are exposed to.  Like food, medication needs to be kept in the appropriate temperature zone for quality purposes and safety. 

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Prelief is Still #1 Dietary Supplement for Reducing Acid in “Trigger” Foods

Over the years you have heard me talk about Prelief and how much it can help ladies suffering from Interstitial Cystitis.  As you know from my blogs, Interstitial Cystitis is an annoying bladder condition that causes urgency, frequency, and oftentimes

Posted in Bladder, Interstitial Cystitis

Experiencing Painful Intercourse With a History of Sexual Assault

Today we are going to discuss a topic that doesn’t get much attention.  We are going to talk about sexual assault, specifically how it contributes to painful intercourse down the road.  Ladies who have been sexually assaulted may suffer a

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What to do When You Have a Fibroid

One of the most common gynecological issues among ladies of all ages is the presence of fibroids.  When discovered, your doctor might cause you a lot of unnecessary panic, or she might lead you to believe they’re nothing to worry

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What is it Like to Have Interstitial Cystitis?

Interstitial Cystitis is a condition where the lining of the bladder becomes irritated and damaged, causing spasms.  These spasms usually cause pain, frequency, and urgency although some ladies will experience some symptoms worse than others.  Let’s Read More…

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Annual Appointment– Have you Made Yours?

Have you made your annual appointment yet?  As we pass Memorial Day and enter June there’s so much going on– the end of the school year for the kids, high school and college graduations, planning summer vacations– and there’s an

Posted in Examinations

Does your Menstrual Cycle Get in the Way of Your Life?

“I just get out my calendar and block days out.”  “It’s always been like this, but I didn’t know there was a problem.”  “I’ve had issues for years, but I didn’t know there was something I could do about it.”

Posted in Periods/Menstruation

Can an “Endometriosis Diet” Relieve Symptoms and Prevent Surgery?

If you have, or suspect you have, Endometriosis, the thought of what to do can be a little overwhelming.  The idea of medicines, pelvic ultrasounds, doctor visits, surgeries– it can leave you feeling pretty apprehensive.  So maybe you turn to

Posted in Diseases and Conditions, Endometriosis, Treatments

How Does Estrogen Affect Adrenaline and Help Combat Stress?

Last week we talked about a recent study where we learned that estrogen therapy after menopause helped women combat their stress levels.  It didn’t matter whether the women started sooner or later after menopause, all women who took their estrogen

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