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What Happens After MonaLisa Touch Treatments? Do I Need to Come Back?

woman-circling-date-on-calendarWhen you schedule treatment with us at MonaLisa Touch Chico for various vaginal discomforts you will book several appointments.  The first will be the consultation and examination.  Then, we will schedule the first treatment session (each session takes about 6-10 minutes).  Six weeks later you will receive the second treatment, and then six weeks after that you will receive the third treatment.

After each MonaLisa Touch treatment you will not experience any pain, but you might be a little bit swollen or tender.  If we did any treatment on your vulva you may notice some redness or puffiness.  You will not be able to have intercourse for a few days and should follow our specific directions upon leaving your treatment session.

After each MonaLisa Touch treatment you will notice an improvement in symptoms.  Many women report significant decrease in symptoms after the first visit alone! However, even if you are feeling better, you will need to complete all three of the treatment sessions in order to have long lasting effects, as each treatment session targets tissues deeper than the previous session.

About a year after your third appointment you will need to schedule your first “touch up” session, and those will need to be done on a regular interval.  Your specific interval depends on how long it takes for you to start showing symptoms again.  So if you notice that 10 months after your last treatment you become symptomatic again, you will need to have a touch-up appointment every 10 months.  If you can make it 12 months then 12 months will be your interval.  However, you will only need the one touch up appointment per year.  The rest of the year you can go about your daily life going to work, school, or take vacation without having to worry about your vaginal discomforts!

MonaLisa Touch Chico can be reached at www.monalisatouchchico.com or by calling 530-270-9627.


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